Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review | "Out On Top" by Steve Morris

This review is a day late, and since I also skipped last week's review, I'll just get started with my thoughts on this week's book review.
I won a copy of "Out On Top" from the publisher through goodreads.
As always, here's the book's description:

Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short StoriesWe are long overdue a break.
Out on Top is a bag of stories where wrongs are often put right.
Instead of dwelling on what might have been, characters get their chances to rectify their regrets and tidy up their troubled pasts.
Once-reluctant Romeos, clever creatures and innovative new technology sees the cast of Out on Top get second chances to see the truth finally come out whether it wants to or not.

From the author of In All Probability,
Out on Top sees Steve Morris return to set a few things straight.

I started in on this book optimistic. It seemed like a fictional "Chicken Soup For The Soul" type of read. While I'm personally past the phase where that type of format is the ideal book, I still enjoy reading short stories. Especially light ones to break up streaks of perhaps slow or heavy reading. 
The first few stories were upbeat enough. They were neither the best, nor the worst things I'd ever read and I was staying positive that the stories would only get better.
I was a little disappointed, however. The further along I got, the less upbeat the stories tended to be. In fact, some ended on entirely dark notes. A few of the stories were confusing, or boring, or like they didn't seem to fit the others and after a certain point, I just started skimming my way through the book. 
Considering the price of this book, and the fact that it only has around 140 pages, I would say to pass. There are plenty of other books with upbeat stories for you to read.

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