Friday, May 23, 2014

Where not to shop | Awesomebooks

After hours, and finally being able to contact the manager of customer services, things worked out for the better. HOWEVER, things worked out because I happened to be shipping my order to the US, and so those packages hadn't been sent out yet. I don't take back what I said, but I thought I would let everyone know that things managed to get resolved, and when I had questions later about how long it would take for the refund to go through, I dealt with someone who was very patient and helpful. 

Okay, this is a different sort of post, because I needed to put out there my disappointment in the website I have made a few orders from the site in the past- you can by used books, and up until recently you could get free shipping to most countries. 
I haven't placed an order for a while, with a flat-rate shipping fee, I figured it was better to buy my books elsewhere. That way I could get new books and not have to worry about shipping. However, yesterday I decided to place an order of some books I was going to give to a friend of mine who lives in a different country. A few of the books are out of print, so he would need to get them used no matter what. They were a birthday gift, and upon checking out, I had the "gift wrap" option selected. After completing the check-out, I noticed that the price seemed awfully high...19 euros higher than it should be, actually. 
After receiving the confirmation email, I noticed that the gift wrap charge was the reason behind the price jump. I sent an email moments later (this was at around 10:30 at night) requesting to cancel the selection, or if it would help, cancel the entire order so I could replace it. 
Today at noon, I received an email saying that my request was impossible, because the packages were shipped before they got to the email inquiry. WHAT?
I exchanged emails with customer service, who informed me that their office opens after the packages are already sent to ship, so it was "impossible to receive my email beforehand". 
Now, had I placed my order at the end of a work-day, that excuse would be more justified, but I placed an order at night! After everyone had gone home. If there was someone there to get my order ready, then there should have been someone there to read emails. The only way I could get a refund would be to send the books back, however, the books aren't going to arrive for up to 21 work days, meaning I wouldn't get my refund for two months, and then wait another month for the books to be delivered again! All because the company's "efficient" system leaves no room for customer service. 
I've cancelled orders from the book despository on Sunday nights, and my requests have gone through, and that site gets far more traffic than this one does. 
I was given a very polite screw you by multiple customer service reps, those who knew what they were doing. 
What if the amount had been greater? What if some emergency needed me to cancel that order? 
I absolutely DO NOT recommend Their prices are too high for used books, their shipping is lazy and, they don't know what customer service is.

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